Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Summer Update | My Return To Blogging!

Well hello, strangers! Guess who's back 👋
It feels so weird sitting down to write a blog post after 8 months off but I think I'm ready to throw myself back into writing now and it's about time I explained my sudden absence to those of you that have stuck around to keep up with my little corner of the internet  - thank you by the way, you're the best. 
So first things first, it's crazy how fast this year has gone. My last post was my 2019 goals back in January and as much as I'd love to say I've smashed them all, I am still working on most - but I have managed a couple which I'm proud of myself for as I didn't expect to tick off more than 1 if I'm being honest. So let's run through those first and then I'll fill you guys in on what's been going on in our lives over the summer and why I took a step back from blogging for a few months!


Friday, 4 January 2019

My 2019 Goals

Wow 2018 is really over already? I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! If I'm honest, it's been a very steady year for me, no huge highs or huge lows but it's been good overall and I'm going into 2019 with not so much 'resolutions' but a few goals that I want to achieve for myself and my family. I find that if I make promises to myself to change big parts of my life then it very rarely comes to light so I'm going to focus on the little things this year and see how we go from there :) So let's get into it...bring on 2019! 🙌

Saturday, 29 December 2018

Cassius 18 Month Update

Holy crap, my son is 18 months old. I'm gonna need a minute or twelve to let that sink in. This year has FLOWN and I can't believe how much Cassius has grown over the months. I mean, duh, I knew he was gonna grow up - but this quickly?! I understand now why parents always say to make the most of the baby stage because it really really doesn't last long and before you know it, you'll have an unstoppable toddler on your hands. I've wanted to do 6 monthly updates on him ever since I started my blog but I haven't managed to, but better late than never, right? ;) So if you wanna know what's been going on in the life of Cassius, grab yourself a cuppa and some biccys and keep's gonna be a long one!

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Favourite Young Adult Reads of 2018

This year has been such a good year for new book releases, specifically in YA, and since Cassius has gotten old enough for me to actually have the spare time to indulge in reading again, I've done as much as I could and found some great reads that I want to share with you all!  These are only a handful of books that I’ve loved this year, the list would be huge if I included everything and not all of them were actually released this year, but I’ve focused on ones that are currently popular in the book world and that most of you will have heard of, no doubt :)


Thursday, 29 November 2018

Household Items Your Toddler Will Love For Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, my toddler has just turned 17 months old and is going through the annoying stage where his toys are interesting for 5 minutes and then he’ll play with literally anything other than them and will have a meltdown when I try to divert him back to something that isn’t going to poke his eyeballs out 😭 And as much as I'd love to shower him with the coolest new gadgets and toys for crimbo, let's be real, he doesn't give a crap yet and I'm not made out of money! So here's a list of household items that my little man gets hours of entertainment out of which will save you mummys and daddys a bomb if you're gonna do what I am and only invest in a few stocking fillers and let the rest of your family waste their precious money on your little human. 😉
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