Saturday, 10 June 2017

33 weeks pregnant!

So we're finally just 7 weeks away from meeting our little baby bear and I can't even begin to describe how exhausted but excited I am to meet him and finally have a cuddle! It feels like the time is dragging now, but also flying by in a weird way and it's definitely given me some mixed feelings but ultimately I feel like we're ready and patiently waiting. Despite having quite a small bump for how far along I am, I'm still finding it super uncomfortable to walk too much, can't sleep for long thanks to acid reflux and can physically feel the little guy pushing my ribs out of my chest which is awesome. I'm not known for my pain tolerance so here's hoping labour will be kind to me, eh? 😅

I think I've had a pretty easy run so far in hindsight, especially compared to some women who suffer an array of side effects throughout their pregnancy. I've had little to no morning sickness, no swollen ankles/feet, no crazy cravings (other than all things cake) and my hormones have been good to me so far so I'm feeling quite fortunate for the time being ✌ Stretch marks also haven't popped up to say hello just yet but I'm cautious as ever, using all the Bio Oil that I can to keep my skin in good condition and touch wood it's working! The only real thing I've struggled with is gaining enough weight, which has been a rollercoaster of emotions and trials, but since I've always had a slim frame I've come to accept that he's naturally going to be pretty small too, bless him.

On the emotional side of pregnancy, something that has been a massive change for me is how lonely the journey can be. Even though I have my incredible boyfriend, his family and my family supporting me, I've basically lost contact with all of my friends which has been a huge hit on my confidence; but I guess everyone's lives move at different speeds and unfortunately mine has put me in a position where I don't have the same priorities and interests that I used too when I spent time with them. I've never been a part of a clique as such, I've always just had a handful of close friends and despite us having drifted apart now, I'll forever cherish the times I did have with each and every one of them as they all helped shape me into the person I am today. Just because I'm moving onto another chapter of my life, doesn't mean they won't pop up again in the future anyway so it's not all doom and gloom! 🙈

So, so far so good 💙 With summer finally upon us and my baby shower coming up at the beginning of July, I'm excited to see how the oncoming weeks unfold and finalising the last preparations with my boyfriend and our families. 👶


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