Wednesday, 14 June 2017

5 baby boy names that I love but won't be using ❤

Picking our little boy's name has been quite the challenge for me & Dane so far and with me being 34 weeks tomorrow, we've not got long left to decide 🙈 I've been through countless baby name lists online and we've got a couple of solid contenders that only our family know about, but for now here are some of the names either I, Dane or both of us liked but we aren't going to be using!

Raphael was actually suggested by Dane's family if I remember correctly and we have both agreed it's a gorgeous name for a little boy, with it being shorted to 'Raph', it sounds so romantic and adorable. To be fair, it was high on our list for a long time until we got a bit conscious that it was maybe a bit too Spanish? What do you think?

Theodore is a name I've always really loved, it rolls off the tongue and baby Theo just sounds really cute to me 😍 but unfortunately a lot of people we know have called their kids Theo and we wanted something a bit different so not to copy, with us living in such a small town and all, haha!

It's gonna sound really lame but I actually heard the name Tristan in the CW program 'The Originals' and it always came across so majestic that I had to suggest it when I found out we were having a boy. It's not too unusual but also not too common so it's the perfect balance but for some reason, Dane just wasn't feeling it. 😅

I heard of the name Caden from watching some Mummy Youtubers and their top 5 baby names and it was surprisingly popular that it began sticking with me after a while. It's quite olde style and strong, plus I've not heard anyone in the town I live in called Caden (obviously I don't know everyone), but sadly it's another one that fell short.

And lastly, the name Noah was always Dane's #1 baby boy name even before we even knew we were pregnant and I can see why, it's a lovely name - it's even apparently been the top baby boy name for the past few years which is cool - but alas, we already have a gorgeous little monkey called Noah in the family so that was a guaranteed no from the start 😋 

With just over a month and a half left, we're open to any suggestions on our quest for the perfect name for our little bundle of joy! What was your inspiration for your child's name? I'd love to know 💙


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