Monday, 26 June 2017

June Life Chat ☯

Can you believe it's 4 days away from being the end of June?! Where has this year gone?? Yesterday was the 6 month mark until Christmas, like woah, it feels like I've slept half of 2017 away and I can't wrap my head around what I've actually accomplished this year apart from being pregnant :')

Not gonna lie, it's been a bumpy first half of the year for so many different reasons that I won't bore you with so I'm looking forward to the latter half hopefully working out better and helping me feel a bit more positive! For one, I'll have a little baby bear in a month's time - that's right, there's just one month left until he's due, exciting times  - which will fingers crossed take away a lot of anxieties I'm having about my body and give me the chance to prove to myself that I'm not gonna fail miserably at this whole mumma bear thing.

I think another thing that's made me a bit sad these past few weeks is that me and Dane haven't had the opportunity to have a 'baby moon' like a lot of other expectant parents get the luxury of having; it's just been baby this, baby that, prepare the house, one date night every 3 months or so, blah blah blah, and I'm definitely feeling the pressures of our changing relationship as we slowly begin to transition into responsible parents. I've read basically everywhere and I'm not naive to the fact that things are going to be different when we have our baby boy here but I'm 1000% determined not to let this new chapter stop us from enjoying our relationship the way we always have and making time for one another. 

This Great British Heatwave has been ruining my life recently too which is awesome ☀
As if I don't already suffer enough by being milk bottle pale and burning like a crisp if I'm not sun lotion-ed up like a baby, I've now got the added pain of waddling around like a fat penguin and having to constantly stay hydrated which leads to me peeing 200000 times a day. I just cant win really... XD 
I love a bit of sun, especially being able to take the dogs out and have cute little picnics at the park and relaxing, but I'm feeling a lot like Olaf from Frozen at the moment so it's a love/hate thing for sure.

On a more positive note (not always this depressing, I promise, haha). it's been two of my family members birthdays in June so being able to get together will them and celebrate with good food and company has been really nice :) If you know me, you'll know I have a pretty big family with about a million cousins, and despite not always seeing eye to eye with some of them at times, it's always fun when we have our barbecues and catch up. Especially seeing my baby second cousins Noah & Zara, they've unknowingly helped me not feel quite so freaked out about becoming a mum soon as I know our son is going to be surrounded by such love and support from everyone.

I'm also getting quite excited about the prospect of going away for a long weekend for either mine or Dane's birthday towards the end of the year. We haven't been traveling since September when we went to Prague with his family & it'll be our first couples get away so give me some inspiration on where to go and what to do guys, I wanna explore somewhere pretty and enjoy my man for a few days without life getting in the way!

With just under a week until my baby shower, yay, I'm hoping my hormones will begin to ease up again and I can attempt to enjoy the last weeks of pregnancy instead of praying for the little guy to get out of me! 👅 

How has your June been so far? Have you been on holiday anywhere nice? Tried something new? Got any advice? Comment below and let me know 💋


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