Saturday, 1 July 2017

Welcome to the world, baby Cassius.

So it's been a while since I've posted but I have a pretty good excuse, hear me out - I did it, I had my baby! 💙 Crazy I know considering his due date wasn't until the 26th of this month, but turned out my little man just couldn't wait any longer and didn't want to miss out on his baby shower, haha! It's been such an overwhelming experience, but I couldn't be happier with our bundle of joy and I'm so proud of his progress considering he was born at 35+5 which is considered preterm.

Officially becoming a mummy has come with it's ups and downs, I won't lie, but I think a lot of that is down to the spontaneity of his birth, after all, I didn't even really know I was in labour until about an hour before he arrived! People have been telling me how beautiful labour is throughout my pregnancy and I'd been reading Mindful Hypnobirthing in hopes of making the whole ordeal as stress free as possible as I'm not known for my pain tolerance 😅 But alas, when it came down to it, due to being blissfully unprepared both mentally and physically - thinking I still had 4 weeks to get in the zone - it was actually quite a dramatic experience which I wouldn't necessarily want to go through again.

It all began last Thursday morning at 2am when I had slight period like cramps... 
Being a first time mum and not having attended any antenatal classes just yet, I was completely ignorant to the signs my body was giving me all through the night, up until my mucus plug came out and I realised it wasn't just a rather severe case of Braxton Hicks, my baby boy was actually making an appearance. The entire labour which consisted of me being bent over on all fours and borderline throwing up into a bucket every couple of minutes lasted roughly 7 hours, and it wasn't until my boyfriend finally got his head around the fact it was happening that he called the midwife and ultimately an ambulance for help.

The midwife unfortunately didn't make it until after the birth and the paramedics nearly didn't either as by the time they arrived at my house, I was bent over in my hallway crowning and screaming half the neighbourhood down 😥 I was incredibly lucky to have such understanding and on the ball paramedics though as literally 5 minutes after they stepped into my house, the baby came. On my sofa. In the doggie style position. Biting down on the gas and air pump. Classy as always Jess. 😂 It also didnt help that we were dog sitting at the time so we had 5 dogs locked out in the garden barking during the whole thing which was slightly offputing!

It all sounds very traumatic now that I'm writing it out but in all honesty, despite having a completely different birth plan in mind - originally I wanted an epidural and not a home birth at all - when he finally came into the world, after just 2 excruciating pushes, I instantly fell in love with him. Weighing a tiny 5lbs 7oz, he is the cutest little angel and I could not be happier with my little family. Dane was incredible throughout the experience, even when he thought I was being a wimp and exaggerating at the beginning, he was such a solid support beam and I can't believe I've been so lucky to have a beautiful baby boy with someone like him. Having someone who can take your shit when you're screaming at him and squeezing his hand until it goes purple was a huge sign to me that I picked the right guy to start a family with. ❤ 

Being 4 weeks early, we'd expected to be in the hospital for ages, have all these complications and were dreading the first few days but we were discharged the next day with the all clear and our baby bear has been doing an almighty job so far, smashing his feeding and growing rapidly in just 7 days, I can't believe how strong he is. Just like his daddy. So there we have it, my labour story is far from perfect and there are lots of things I would have done differently if I had the chance and been prepared but ultimately, our little Cassius Johnson is totally worth it. And today he turned 1 week old, where did that time go?! 😍


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