Thursday, 24 August 2017

Cassius's 8 Week Update

8 weeks has flown still feels a little bit surreal that we have a baby but we're definitely settling into a routine now which is a relief! There's so many things people don't tell you when you have a baby; you get the whole talk about how your life is going to be all about milk, sick and poop for the next few years but it's so much more than much more I wish we'd been prepared for in advance but hey, we've survived and our little bear is healthy and happy so all is well in the world :) 

I never imagined he would change quite so dramatically over such a short period of time. I'll put a little pic of his weekly card updates at the bottom of this post so you can see~
 His looks, his personality, his habits - he's finally starting to grow into himself more and it's a lot of fun getting to know him as he does it. Watching something you created with someone you love blossom is the most rewarding feeling and makes all the hard times worth it 

So without further ado, here are the main changes we've noticed as he's hit the 2 month mark and we've have been handling like the boss ass parents we are ;)

 Growth spurts are stressful.
He eats more, he poops more, he sleeps more. It's not fun.
It was so difficult to keep him awake for feeds and tummy time and his poops were...interesting :P

Colic is the enemy...still.
Hopefully we only have a few months left of him suffering from colic as it's meant to fade at 
4 months! What a nightmare it has been, the poor little dude forever has hiccups, hates burping and gets woken up by it all the time. I wouldn't wish it upon any parents!

He shed his first big boy tear.
It was both heartbreaking and adorable. And Dane ate it up when he kissed him, haha.

His farts smell like an old mans.
If he's just eaten, he can clear out a room with a fart, it's impressive. Don't worry he's healthy, just yet another side effect of the joy that is colic...and changing to formula.

He's smiling a lot more when he sees people he knows.
I keep trying to get a picture of him smiling as it's my favourite thing ever and I wanna share
the cuteness but he just will not cooperate. One day, I promise :D

He's outgrown his tiny baby clothes and is in newborn.
My teeny tiny premature baby is a big boy now! Not quite filling out 0-3 months just yet but he will be soon, he's growing so quickly. Just over 8 lbs now!

He sleeps 3-4 hours between feeds, sometimes even more on a really good day!
Life has gotten so much easier now we don't have to feed him every 2 hours.
Only thing that sucks is my breast milk dried up around the 7 week mark due to stress,
fatigue and sleep deprivation but Aptamil is doing the job. A fed baby is a happy baby.

He loves to dance with daddy. 
Anyone who knows Dane will know he loves to dance and it seems Cas shares the same trait.
I have the cutest videos but I think I'd be killed if I shared this space though XD

He's starting to gurgle and it melts my heart.
I love that he's trying to communicate with us now and not just crying when he needs
something. Makes me so excited for him to start talking!

He's still changing on a daily basis, especially his face as you can see below, he barely looks like the same baby in any of the photos, haha. Overall, these first eight weeks of his life have been hard, I won't lie, and I don't think I could have gotten through it without Dane by my side to laugh through our tears when he was ruining our lives, but as always, we wouldn't change him for the world.


Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Life Lessons I Have Learnt Over The Years...

This past week has been really trying for me for a number of different reasons, so I thought I'd do a short post and explain some life lessons I have learnt over the years that I feel are relevant to some of my issues at the moment. Life can be a struggle sometimes and it's easy to get caught up in the mess of it all, but attempting to find the positives in certain situations has been very important to me recently, even though it sure as hell isn't easy! 

Some of these apply to myself, others to those around me, but all in all, they are valuable lessons that I'm sure everyone can relate to, no matter your circumstances.

  • Don't let your past take control of your present.
  • Learn to forgive and forget.
  • If you take advantage of your family all the time, they will eventually give up on you.
  • Depression will only take over your life if you let it.
  • People grow out of friendships, it's not anyones fault, it just happens.
  • You can't please everyone.
  • Everything happens for a reason.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others. Be comfortable in your own skin.
  • You are allowed to make mistakes. You're only human.
  • Learn how to say no.
  • You are not too old and it is not too late. 

What are some life lessons that you've learnt and mean a lot to you?


Friday, 18 August 2017

Top 10 Fictional Characters ★

I've always been one of those people that gets worryingly obsessed with fictional characters; whether they're from books, tv shows, animes, mangas or movies. It's so easy to fall into the trap of relating to certain characters and desiring them because they represent something in life that appeals to you - such is the wonder of imagination! So here is my top 10 list of fictional characters that I adore and have left a mark in my mind when I've come across them! :)

In no particular order:

Damon Salvatore - The Vampire Diaries
Any female who has seen TVD probably feels the same way, unless you're a Stefan fan girl, but Damon is a total babe! Not only is he insane eye candy, but his character is so complex and his back story is so tragically beautiful throughout the seasons that he always surprises me and makes me wanna squish the life out of him.

Yuki Cross - Vampire Knight
Vampire Knight was one of the first mangas/animes that I fell in love with and Yuki was a huge part of that. She's had such a horrific start in life yet is fiercely strong and determined not to let it destroy her. I've always admired her undying loyalty to Zero and the fact she spends her days protecting those she loves with all she's got.

Simon Lewis - Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments
Ever since I discovered the books last year, Simon has hit a soft spot for me. Mainly because in a world full of shadowhunters, demons, warlocks, vampires, werewolves and seelies, he is remarkably human - even when he's turned into a vampire himself. He is the biggest nerd which I've always loved in a guy anyway and is ridiculously sweet, loyal and overall just cute af really. Plus, I think Alberto Rosende plays him perfectly in the show!

L - Death Note
I feel like I relate to L in the sense that he's forever eating sugary things and never puts on weight XD
But yeah, Death Note is such an incredible anime, go and watch it if you haven't already, and L is not only a genius, but also a complete weirdo which I find really endearing considering his line of work.

Isabelle Lightwood - Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments
I know I've already done a shadowhunters character but honestly, they're all so amazing that I have to feature another one of my faves! Isabelle is the kind of person I want to be. She's drop dead gorgeous, confident as hell and knows how to kick ass; what more can you ask for? Both the book and tv version of her is so precious and I'd LOVE to get into her wardrobe, she has the best style. 

Alice - Alice In Wonderland
If you hadn't noticed by the theme and name of my blog, AIW will forever be my favourite Disney movie. It's completely and utterly bonkers yet so relatable in so many ways. We all want to escape reality sometimes when life gets a bit too hard and I love the diversity of all the characters that she encounters whilst in Wonderland. She's curious, stubborn and a total day dreamer which makes her the perfect character.

Tyrion Lannister - Game Of Thrones
I cant watch an episode with Tyrion in that doesn't make me laugh. He's such a good character who despite having a very tough upbringing in the Lannister family and basically being hated and judged by most people that meet him, he still manages to take life with a pinch of salt. Always providing us with witty comments, interesting advice and a screen presence that I've not seen in TV for a long time, he is by far my favourite GOT character and I'll be heart broken is he gets killed off!

Harley Quinn - Batman
This bat shit crazy bitch is the ultimate villain. She's smart, loyal and more than a little bit loopy and I love love love her. Having gone from a respected psychiatrist to an obsessed side kick to the Joker, she's so funny to watch. I feel for her, it can't be easy being crazy in love with a maniac that treats you like crap and under appreciates you and I think that's something a lot of girls can relate too in some way or another.

Lydia Martin - Teen Wolf
Ever since I started watching Teen Wolf, I had a love for Lydia. She's gorgeous, smart, sassy and stylish. Her character development over the seasons has been insane and I love how Holland plays her with a vulnerability that actually makes her one of the strongest characters in the show. She will always be my style icon and my favourite redhead.

Sebastian Michaelis - Black Butler
And last but not least, Sebastian. Black Butler tickles my love for horror and this guy is the perfect demon butler. His obsession with Ciel is twisted but admirable and the fact that he excels at literally everything with such ease is both hilarious and impressive. I mainly love the way he handles the other staff at the Phantomhive Mansion, forever having to clean up after their sloppy yet adorable messes and it's cool to see such a potentially bad guy blend in with good characters. Plus, if you could have a butler like him, wouldn't you?!?

There we have it! It's been hard narrowing it down to just 10, as like I said before, I get pretty easily obsessed with characters, it's kind of a problem :') 

Who are your favourite ficitional characters and why? Comment and let me know.


Thursday, 3 August 2017

Top 5 Places I Want To Travel To ❤

My blog has been very much baby orientated since I started seeing as I was coming towards the end of my pregnancy, then I had my bubba unexpectedly and wanted to write about the whole experience; but now that it's been five weeks and we're settling in finally, I figured I'd get back to the other aspects of my blog that I wanted to feature like lifestyle, beauty, disney, books, and much more! I'm going to try my hardest to even my posts out so I'm not primarily blogging about motherhood as there's a whole lot more to me than just being a new mum, as amazing as it is, and I'd love to use this space to show that :)

One of the posts I've always wanted to write about is my top 5 places in the world I want to travel to and why. Sadly I've only ever travelled to 2 countries before, Romania & Czech Republic - as a child I never had the simple pleasure of going on family holidays every year like some other people so I feel like in a way I've missed out a lot and have much travelling to do to make up for it. But that's okay because now that I have my own child, it's given me motivation to take him on as many holidays as we can so we can explore the world together and make the most out of life! ❤ 

So to start with, Romania is my mother's home country and I've traveled to her birth town, Targu Mures, multiple times to meet relatives and attend my cousin's wedding. Despite many ignorant assumptions that people have about Romania and it's people, it's actually a really beautiful country from what I've seen so far. The scenery is beautiful, from the main town to the salt mines; the weather is gorgeous and the people have always been warm and welcoming every time so I will always recommend visiting there. Especially if you're into history as it has the infamous Dracula's castle, which I have yet to visit, but have been told it's incredible and it's definitely on my to-do list next time I visit with Dane and Cassius.

Czech Republic was my most recent holiday with my boyfriend's family - more specifically Prague - and holy crap, it was amazing. The city was like a gothic fairytale; every building looked majestic and beautiful and no matter what time of the day or night it was, I always felt safe. The food was scrumptious and that's a lot coming from me as I'm the pickiest eater ever, I barely eat anything that isn't either cheese, pasta or a dessert :P And then there's the nightlife. With a crazy assortment of themed bars and clubs to indulge in - myself, my boyfriend and my boyfriend's brother had probably the best night out I've ever had. People were so nice and everywhere that we went left us with a hilarious story to tell so even when we got locked out of our apartment by their step dad, it was more of a giggle than a problem thanks to the strangers that we passed. If you haven't already been, then I highly recommend going there, you will not regret it!

Now onto the places I have yet to visit but cannot wait to explore; here are my top 5 places I want to travel to.

Ever since I was a teenager I've been obsessed with Japan and it is at the top of my list purely because there is just so much there that I feel appeals to me and I just know I would have the best time exploring the different sights. Tokyo is obviously the main place I want to travel too but I would also love to back pack around the towns and cities to see the temples, gardens and mountains which are well known for their beauty. It helps that Dane is a huge history nerd, with a huge interest in The Three Kingdoms and shares this passion with me and we've made a pact to visit both Japan and China to satisfy our geeky sides and tick them off our bucket list!

Next up is Toronto in Canada. Dane's dad lives here and I've heard nothing but amazing things about it, from family and even customers where I used to work, so it has quickly become one of my must go to places. Being a girl that loves the busy city life, I can't wait to see what Toronto has to offer. We've even talked about settling down and moving to Canada in a few years as personally we don't feel like England, especially the town we currently live in, has many positives keeping us here other than our families, obviously.

Venice is the hopeless romantic in me coming out. I have no real reasons why I want to visit here other than it looks romantic and pretty and I like carbs so I know I'll undoubtedly fall in love with the place.

Amsterdam is one of those places that I feel like I have to visit because everyone else seems to have been. More for my curiosity, I'd love to check out the museums and galleries, especially the Anne Frank house, as they are constantly raved about by everyone I know and of course I want to experience the food and beer on the markets as I've heard it's very tasty!

And lastly, Reykjavik in Iceland. Anyone who knows me will know my pure hatred towards sea food. I hate the smell of it, the taste of it and even just the thought of it being in my when I say I want to visit Iceland, everyone looks at me funny seeing as the majority of their menu revolves around fish. But alas, this will not put me off! I want to go here because it looks so damn gorgeous and I love the idea of being all cuddled up in a fluffy parka and exploring a snowy city with lots of hidden gems to offer. Blue Lagoon is one of those gems that I absolutely must visit, it looks incredible and I've also heard Reykjavik is notorious for it's night life which I'm very intrigued to discover ;)

There we have it, my top 5 places I want to visit. I have plenty of other countries I want to explore but if I list them, we'll be here all day so maybe another time :P In the mean time, feel free to leave me a comment if you've visited any of these places and have feedback on it or even if you wanna chat about the places that are on your travel bucket list! 

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