Thursday, 24 August 2017

Cassius's 8 Week Update

8 weeks has flown still feels a little bit surreal that we have a baby but we're definitely settling into a routine now which is a relief! There's so many things people don't tell you when you have a baby; you get the whole talk about how your life is going to be all about milk, sick and poop for the next few years but it's so much more than much more I wish we'd been prepared for in advance but hey, we've survived and our little bear is healthy and happy so all is well in the world :) 

I never imagined he would change quite so dramatically over such a short period of time. I'll put a little pic of his weekly card updates at the bottom of this post so you can see~
 His looks, his personality, his habits - he's finally starting to grow into himself more and it's a lot of fun getting to know him as he does it. Watching something you created with someone you love blossom is the most rewarding feeling and makes all the hard times worth it 

So without further ado, here are the main changes we've noticed as he's hit the 2 month mark and we've have been handling like the boss ass parents we are ;)

 Growth spurts are stressful.
He eats more, he poops more, he sleeps more. It's not fun.
It was so difficult to keep him awake for feeds and tummy time and his poops were...interesting :P

Colic is the enemy...still.
Hopefully we only have a few months left of him suffering from colic as it's meant to fade at 
4 months! What a nightmare it has been, the poor little dude forever has hiccups, hates burping and gets woken up by it all the time. I wouldn't wish it upon any parents!

He shed his first big boy tear.
It was both heartbreaking and adorable. And Dane ate it up when he kissed him, haha.

His farts smell like an old mans.
If he's just eaten, he can clear out a room with a fart, it's impressive. Don't worry he's healthy, just yet another side effect of the joy that is colic...and changing to formula.

He's smiling a lot more when he sees people he knows.
I keep trying to get a picture of him smiling as it's my favourite thing ever and I wanna share
the cuteness but he just will not cooperate. One day, I promise :D

He's outgrown his tiny baby clothes and is in newborn.
My teeny tiny premature baby is a big boy now! Not quite filling out 0-3 months just yet but he will be soon, he's growing so quickly. Just over 8 lbs now!

He sleeps 3-4 hours between feeds, sometimes even more on a really good day!
Life has gotten so much easier now we don't have to feed him every 2 hours.
Only thing that sucks is my breast milk dried up around the 7 week mark due to stress,
fatigue and sleep deprivation but Aptamil is doing the job. A fed baby is a happy baby.

He loves to dance with daddy. 
Anyone who knows Dane will know he loves to dance and it seems Cas shares the same trait.
I have the cutest videos but I think I'd be killed if I shared this space though XD

He's starting to gurgle and it melts my heart.
I love that he's trying to communicate with us now and not just crying when he needs
something. Makes me so excited for him to start talking!

He's still changing on a daily basis, especially his face as you can see below, he barely looks like the same baby in any of the photos, haha. Overall, these first eight weeks of his life have been hard, I won't lie, and I don't think I could have gotten through it without Dane by my side to laugh through our tears when he was ruining our lives, but as always, we wouldn't change him for the world.


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