Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Baby Halloween Costumes

So it's finally my favourite time of the year - Autumn! 
The days get shorter and crispier, the cosy jumper dresses come out and it's pumpkin spice season 😍
Along with all that, it's quickly approaching Halloween which is my favourite holiday and I'm super excited to sit in with my little family, watching Halloween movies and eating candy. Unfortunately Cassius is still way too young to properly celebrate but that doesn't mean he can't dress up 😏 I know it's a little bit early still but it's easier for me to plan ahead these days as I don't get much time to myself!
I'm really struggling to find an outfit for him but here are some of the options I've come across and absolutely LOVE. 

Please note: all the following pics are from google and pinterest, I don't claim credit at all. If I could find the original owners and credit them all I would but alas, I can't trace them all back! 
Please comment if any of them belong to you and you want to be credited ^-^

I especially adore the Up and Nightmare Before Christmas outfits, they are just freaking adorable ❤
But they are all amazing and I can only hope to make Cass look that cool on Halloween as he's growing up.

What do you think? Any suggestions for baby Cass's first Halloween costume? 


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