Wednesday, 29 November 2017

The Disney Tag

I don't think I know anyone that doesn't like Disney. If you haven't grown up with it like me, you'll definitely know of it by now thanks to the amount of popular movies coming out these days, both animated and live action. Disney will always be dear to me as it has taught me a lot of lessons growing up and has given me a light to look towards when things were dark. So of course I couldn't resist this Disney tag that I found whilst browsing online! Let's give it a go :)

Favourite disney film?
This is far too hard a question, I have so many favourites! Animated faves would be Alice in Wonderland, Lilo and Stitch, The Little Mermaid, Tangled, 101 Dalmatians and Mulan. Live action faves are The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast.

Favourite disney character? 
Stitch! He's so adorable and comes such a long way from a destructive little alien to finding his Ohana. His loyalty to Lilo is admirable and the fact he cooks and plays and reads melts my heart. ♡

Favourite disney princess?
I would say Alice but she's technically not considered a Princess so definitely Ariel from The Little Mermaid. She's curious, adventurous and brave. And who doesn't wish they could talk to animals? ;)

Favourite disney side-kick? 
Mushu from Mulan will always top this for me! Hands down. He is pure Disney gold. But I also love Sven from Frozen, Pascal from Tangled and Pua from Moana.
Favourite disney song?
I'm shamelessly addicted to the Moana soundtrack at the moment, but I also really love the Tangled soundtrack and the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, ugh I can't narrow it down to just one song, sorry! :P
Which disney character would be your best friend?
Marie from the Aristocats. She is a sassy af, hopeless romantic that isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in; even if sometimes she's a bit rude about it, haha.
Have you ever been to Disneyland? 
I haven't :( I've always wanted to go but never had the chance too, although now I have my own little family, I'm excited to plan our first trip when my son is a bit older. It'll be a treat for us both.
Who would be your disney pet?
I will forever be obsessed with dalmatians so I'd love to have one again! Or two. Or five. Pegasus from Hercules would be awesome too. 

Favourite disney couple?
I have more than one, are you ready? :P
Pongo & Perdita from 101 Dalmatians. Lady & Tramp. Wall-E & Eve. Rapunzel & Flynn Rider from Tangled. Kovu & Kiara from The Lion King 2 and of course, Mickey & Minnie Mouse. 

Who is your disney alter-ego?
Okay so I did a quiz for this ( and got Oliver from Oliver & Company which is ironic seeing as I'm allergic to cats!

Favourite disney villian?
Maleficent is bae! But I also really like Hades, he's so hilarious and bi-polar, I can't handle his attitude XD

Favourite disney prince? 
Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Look at him. Don't you just wanna hug him?

Do you collect anything disney?
I don't collect certain things in particular, but I have a pretty extensive collection of disney belongings from movies to teddies to books to clothes. Now that I have a baby, I have even more reason to collect disney things so yay for me ;)

What disney film would you star in if you could?
Ooh I'd have to say Pirates of the Caribbean. It would be so much fun to go sailing across the seas with Captain Jack Sparrow!

How old were you when you watched your first disney film?
If I'm honest, I don't remember, I have a terrible memory when it comes to my childhood for personal reasons I won't get into. But I know I've always loved it ever since I was young, having been obsessed with 101 Dalmatians so much that I begged my mum to get us a real dalmatian!

What do you love about disney?
Everything. We all need fantasy to survive reality sometimes and that's exactly what Disney provides. There's a movie for everyone, no matter what age you are, and they all come with some valuable life lessons which most kids won't realise until they're much older but still. Plus whenever I'm ill or hungover, Disney cheers me up. The music is super addictive too :)

I'm too lazy to tag individual people for this so if you're reading, I hereby tag you :D Let me know your anwers! 

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