Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Baby's First Christmas

December has been such a hectic month that I've not had the chance to blog at all which sucks really as there were so many amazing Blogmas posts that I've seen floating around in the blogging community, so I wish I'd been more organized so that I could've taken part but hey, maybe next year! To end my dry blogging spell though, I wanted to do a post on my son's 1st Christmas ❤ 

Having a baby has changed my life in so many ways and Christmas has certainly become more meaningful now that I have a little human to show traditions too and treat. Before Cassius, Christmas was pretty much just an excuse to get really drunk and play board games with the family; not anything particularly special and gifts were kept to a minimum as we're all too old to really care now. But this year has reignited my excitement for the holiday season and although he won't remember it, I definitely will and he's been spoiled absolutely rotten by all of our amazing family and friends which will not be forgotten. 

The Christmas period pretty much started for us at the end of November when we took him out to see the town's Christmas lights get turned on with some of our cousins. It was ridiculously busy and I may have raged a tiny bit over people pushing and shoving us when they could see I had a baby but we got through it without shouting at anyone (which is impressive, you'll understand if you're a mum) and his little face lit up as he looked at the lights and saw lots of interesting people in town so it was all worth it in the end. The first of the festivities.

Christmas Eve was a very cosy night in with me, Dane and Cassius cuddled up on the sofa with our pooch Nobu, watching The Grinch and eating festive goodies. I wanted to get Cass a Christmas Eve box as I've seen so many parents online do so for their little ones but honestly, I left it to the last minute and ended up forgetting so meh - another next year idea! It was still a really cute evening and we all opened one present before the big day, with little Cassius getting the most adorable Christmas bibs that were very quickly dribbled all over and put to good use :)

Then came Christmas morning and things got busy. Cassius is a really lazy baby in the mornings - he tends to wake up talking to himself, drinks his milk and then passes straight back out, just like his parents :P So after the little Prince finally decided to grace us with his presence, we only had half an hour before we were due over at Dane's parents house for presents before our Christmas lunch at the Sun so that wasn't stressful at all...but I did manage to dress him up smart which was totally worth the screaming and pulling of my hair ;)

 I knew he was going to be treated well by our families since he's our first baby and all that, but holy crap, I did not expect him to get quite as many presents as he did! I'm not gonna need to buy him toys for the next few years at this rate, so thank you to everyone who contributed. This picture is only a handful of what he was gifted as I couldn't find room to get everything in, but we're so grateful and couldn't be more lucky.

Once we finally got through the present exchange, we headed off to a local pub for lunch. I was super conscious about this as he's not quite sitting up on his own just yet so he couldn't really go in a high chair and he gets awfully fussy if he can't see what's going on around him. Luckily he wasn't too much trouble; with just a few whinges here and there, he actually sat through and gave everyone smiles during the time we were there which was so cute! We even adjusted a little party hat for him so he wasn't left out, you can see the pics on my Instagram. He looked like a proper little boy, it hurt my heart a bit. 

And to top a very long and tiring day off, as he refused to nap with all the festivities, we went back to Dane's parents for games and treats and he spent the evening being cuddled and cooed over whilst observing a trusted game of Cards Against Humanity. Here's hoping he doesn't pick up on any of the phrases, eh? ;D So all in all, he had a very successful first Christmas. He was showered with love and gifts, had his first bank account opened (check him out!) and even dabbled in some big boy yogurt alongside his milk. Hello weaning. 

Despite him only being 6 and a half months old, it feels like he's growing up so quickly and I'm beyond excited for many more Christmases to come, especially when he starts understanding and looks forward to that time of year! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas with their loved ones and wish you all a happy new year, from my little family to yours 


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