Monday, 26 February 2018

My Gaming Recommendations

I've been a fan of gaming for as long as I can remember, having grown up playing classics like Croc, Rayman and Spyro and slowly but surely expanding my horizons to more complicated games as the years went on. Now I'm no expert by any means, I'm still quite a newbie in some ways which frustrates my boyfriend to no end as no matter how much he tries to teach me, I always revert back to my old ways, hehe. But gaming has and always will be an important part of my life as it's a way for me to disconnect from real life and indulge in a foreign world; just like when you read a book, though you have challenges to overcome and you control the way the story goes. It's also a very fun and supportive community when you play online as you can connect with other people like yourself who have similar interests and it's totally acceptable to geek out with them, hurray! :)

With that in mind, I wanted to share my recommendations from over the years - whether you're a newbie gamer and want something simple or you're a skilled gamer and want to try something you haven't heard of, check these out, they don't disappoint!

Single Player
Stardew Valley is one of the most relaxing games I've ever played. You literally just build up your own farm, grow crops, breed animals and do little favours for your neighbours that gain you rewards, etc. It's one of those games that's perfect for when you're hungover as there's not much thinking needed, it's just pure easy going fun that feels strangely satisfying. 

Hotseat Co-op
Dane only introduced me to Heroes of Might and Magic 3 a year or so after we got together but since then it's been our go to 'let's chill out and play something together' game. It's very old school, the graphics aren't amazing and it's pretty straight forward but it's lots of fun and if you're willing to indulge in a nostalgic game where you build up your hometown, recruit troops of your chosen genre and adventure the map, taking down enemies and ultimately aiming to become the strongest hero in the game, then it can provide hours and hours of entertainment.

Local Co-op
Oh gosh there's so much I can say about this game. I actually cried of laughter when competitively playing against Dane on this. You're meant to work together as a team but we always ended up sabotaging one another and ruining each other's orders to see who wins the rounds and it's been some of the funniest nights of my life, I swear. It's a simple team game where you have to complete food orders, serve them up and wash the dishes within a time limit whilst aiming to get 3 stars to move onto the next level. Sounds easy peasy right? 
Try it ;)

Online Co-op/LAN
This is one of those games that you literally cannot leave your screen for a minute or you'll end up with hounds attacking you out of nowhere or the shadows creeping up and tormenting you until you go mad and die :P It's a sandbox survival game with a dark fantasy style like no other and is great to test your wilderness survival skills with your friends and create your own little base with weird but wonderful contraptions. It may not be to everybody's taste but it's good fun if you give it a chance.

MMO Roleplayer
Probably my favourite MMO of all time, Final Fantasy 14 is the bees knees. Whether you're an old school fan of FF or a newbie to the franchise, it welcomes everyone and has an array of classes that are not only aesthetically amazing but insanely fun to play through. Me and Dane were shamelessly addicted to this before our son was born but unfortunately we don't get the time to indulge anymore, though we'll definitely be back when we get the opportunity! If you're a fan of roleplaying games, you must must must check it out. The storyline is amazing, the graphics are incredible and the dungeons are hella fun, if not frustrating at times. Plus, it helps that the game is full to the brim with adorable moogles and minions that appeal to my inner kawaii lover ^_^

Single Player
Being the die hard Alice in Wonderland fan that I am, when I heard there was a gothic action adventure horror game heavily inspired by it, I was certain I was gonna love it - and that I do. It's very dark, very disturbing in some parts and very challenging but an amazing experience if you're into all that dark psychological stuff like I am. They've obviously massively changed the characters and their storylines to more sinister and violent ones but it's still based in a place called Wonderland and has a lot of the beloved creatures from the original, just with a twist. The graphics are also ridiculously pretty and Alice's dresses that you collect throughout the game are stunning as well as lethal.

Single Player
Kingdom Hearts holds a special place in my heart as it was one of the first games I really got into on my own and it helped keep me distracted during some of the hardest times throughout my teenage years. It's a series of crossover action roleplaying games that are swarming with Disney, Pixar and Final Fantasy characters that you go on a journey with whilst ultimately defeating the big bad. There are so many versions across so many platforms but the original will always be my favourite, it's just such a classic. Simple, light hearted fun with your favourite Disney characters and a killer soundtrack, what's not to love? 

These are only a few of my top games that I can think of at the moment, I'll most likely do a Part Two of this post later on in the year but for now, if you like the sound of any of these games, I highly recommend you go for it, they're all great fun! 


Wednesday, 21 February 2018

The Mummy Tag

I've seen this tag floating around for a while now and have been wanting to do it, despite not being personally tagged, but hey, I'm a mumma so I'm gonna do it anyway! I'm a bit sleep deprived after a long day so will skip the in depth post intro and just get straight to it :)

I was 23 when I had Cassius.

Not being able to eat certain cheeses. I love really love it. And every time we went out to eat somewhere, everyone around me would be indulging in Brie and teasing me which was torture.

I didn't make it the full 9 months as Cass came early but the best part was definitely feeling him kick. It's such a precious connection and it was lovely when he responded to mine and Dane's voices. Best feeling ever.

I don't really know because I'd heard all about hospital births and mentally prepared for that but since I ended up having a surprise home birth, I didn't get to experience the things people had been preaching. One thing that was accurate though was how much it bloody hurts. Everyone's childbirth is different obviously but having the low pain tolerance that I have, I knew it was gonna be awful and it was.

Well I'd try not to squeeze him out on my sofa whilst screaming half my neighbourhood down, that's for sure!

Don't be afraid to voice your needs. There are so many different guidelines that get thrown at you from midwives and doctors about what labour is supposedly meant to be like but at the end of the day, it's your body and you need to ensure you speak up if you need anything that isn't automatically offered at the time.

It sounds really silly but probably the hormone roller coaster, I can't even watch programmes like This Is Us without bawling my eyes out every episode; anything with children in it and I'm an emotional mess, it's ridiculous. Although Cassius' colic stage is a close second. It felt like it would never end...but it did, thankfully. Oh and the sleep deprivation. 

Everything to be honest. Waking up to his smiley face every morning, hearing his sweet little giggles when I pick him up, watching his personality grow and how curious he is about the world. It's all rewarding, even on the hard days.

How quickly my maternal instincts kicked in. How I can hear my baby crying from anywhere in the house, even if nobody else can and how weirdly lonely I get when he goes to bed after spending the whole day with me. 

His first Christmas. He was so excited to be surrounded by all the family and had a ball playing with the wrapping paper, it was really adorable to watch, I don't think I've ever seen him so happy.

He's not hit a huge amount of milestones just yet, but so far the most exciting one would probably be him laughing for the first time. They're all pretty amazing but watching your baby giggle and light up when he sees your face is one of the best feelings.

He hasn't done anything that bad yet to be fair, he's a really good baby, but if I had to choose something that wasn't a great moment for me would probably be being shat on whilst holding him without realising and having it smear all over my clothes before I noticed...

Scratching himself all the time. I cut his nails every other day and yet he still manages to cut his face and legs up and make it look like I abuse him, which I don't, obviously :P

How hard he tries to do something when he puts his mind to it. He's trying to tackle standing up at the moment and it makes my heart swell watching how determined he is to get there, with or without our help.

Other than him having my eyes, he's a total daddy's boy. He's cheeky, playful and a born entertainer, just like Dane.

Hopefully in school so I can have some much needed me time during the day, haha.

Being a mum is hard, but rewarding, work. You don't get sick days, you don't get to be hungover or have a lazy bed day because your baby wants to do what he wants and he comes first.

Not really, I'd never made any plans on if or when I wanted to have children so having him at all was a surprise, let alone at 24 years old. But I don't regret it one bit.

A happy, bouncy, bundle of joy.

I've grown up tremendously and learnt to let go of all negativity from my past and not care about what people think of me as much. 

It was a bit long winded but there we go! 
If you're a mummy and you're reading this then I tag you, I'd love to read your answers so make sure you comment the links to your posts :) 


Saturday, 17 February 2018

Mindfulness: Adult Colouring

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now as I first began indulging in colouring whilst I was pregnant last summer. It was a great way to get out of my own head and wind down during those stressful third trimester days when you feel like you're going to explode - mentally and physically! Though even now that I'm 7 and a half months post pregnancy, I still find myself reaching for my pencils when I've had a hard day. It's proven to be quite therapeutic, despite the agonising hand ache after an hour of solid colouring! And the best thing is, if you get a book that you can tear the pages out without ruining the picture, you can frame your coloured piece of art around the house and proudly show off your creative skills ;) 

Me being me, when I first discovered adult colouring books whilst mindlessly browsing through Amazon, I knew I had to get a Disney one. There were so many other every day options; from birds to scenery to plants and many more...but after a swift search for an option that was more suited to me, I came across this gorgeous Disney Animals book and have been addicted to it ever since. The pictures are incredibly detailed, with intricate designs within each character so it's definitely not child friendly, but if you have the patience and dedication, it is totally worth it, trust me.

I won't lie, it can feel like it's an endless endeavour sometimes when you pick a page that's full of tiny little decorations within a larger picture (kind of like the images of Beast & Ursula at the top of this post!) so if you're more into simple colouring that won't take you more than an hour or so, then this book probably isn't for you. It's definitely designed to last you a LONG time! On the other end of that though, once you finally complete a design, it feels like such a big accomplishment that it'll have you feeling like you don't waste your entire life colouring and you've actually just created something beautiful. The only downside I've found is that because of the type of book - it's a gorgeous hardcover edition - you can't take out the pages to display your artwork which is a huge shame as I would have loved to frame some, even the uncoloured pages as some of them are simply stunning.

I've got quite a few other adult colouring books in my collection so I can pick and choose what I'm in the mood to colour which I've found handy over the months of being a mum as I don't have quite as much spare time to dedicate to my Disney one anymore, booo. However, this one will forever be my favourite as it has almost every disney animal included from Bambi to Timon and Pumba to Mushu to The White Rabbit, you name it, it'll be there. Perfect for any Disney fan out there! ♥ 

The actual point of this post, believe it or not, was not so much to preach about how amazing my Disney book is, but more to state how much colouring has helped me these last few months. Life is hard sometimes and we all need some way to escape our troubles and adult colouring has definitely been one of my ways. Having your brain shut out all thoughts other than what you're colouring gives you that much needed break from yourself and is a much healthier option than browsing through social media to distract yourself. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. There are a million and one different types of colouring books so you're bound to find one based on a topic you like so why not give it a go? What's the worst that could happen? 


Sunday, 11 February 2018

Netflix Rom-Coms To Watch This Valentine's Day

I've never been one to celebrate Valentine's Day as such. Me and my boyfriend have always either been busy working, completely forgotten or just couldn't be bothered to go all out for this one commercial day of the year when you're meant to show your significant other how much you love them. As much of a hopeless romantic that I am, I find Valentine's Day rather pressuring when you can show that special someone how much you love them any day of the year. With that being said though, now that we have a baby, Dane and I are going against our usual selves and are going to attempt to celebrate it this year, just on a smaller scale than most.

We're huge tv and movie buffs so Netflix and Chill (the non-naughty term thanks to our loving child that screams any time we are remotely intimate with each other) is pretty much our agenda for 'The Big Day'. I'm going to stock up on snacks to indulge in and cuddle up in cosy throws and we're not gonna move from the sofa all day, this is my idea of perfection these days. So I thought I'd share some of my recommendations from Netflix for any of you that aren't going out and just want a cosy night in watching some good TV with your loved one. 

I couldn't not mention Friends, I mean c'mon, it's a classic. I don't even think I need to explain myself here, just watch it, you know you want too.

I've only just discovered Lovesick this weekend but it's so quirky and funny, I've been addicted and am on the third season already. It's your typical British sitcom about three friends sharing a house and their complicated love lives. If you were a fan of the show Skins then check this out, you'll love it.

Despite the whole premise of this show being controversial AF, I adored how raw and real it was. You Me Her is about a suburban married couple who enter a polyamorous relationship with a female escort and their ups and downs along the way. It's the first show of it's kind and I can't rave about it more; it's funny, adorable, dramatic and heartbreaking all in one and definitely worth a watch.

Oh my god, Jane The Virgin is one of my all time favourite tv shows. It's the perfect telenovela parody and is hilariously heart warming, every episode makes you feel good. Jane Villanueva is a religious Latina woman who has vowed not to lose her virginity until marriage, however ends up getting accidentally artificially inseminated during a check up. This one is for all you hopeless romantics out there!

Now onto movies - this one is a little controversial and is in French so you have to be willing to read subtitles but it's so worth a watch if you give it a chance. Blue Is The Warmest Color is a coming of age story about Adele, a french teenager who meets and falls in love with a blue haired aspiring painter. It is a movie based on two gay females and is very sexualised so it won't be to everyone's taste but if you're open to it, I'm sure you'll love it, we did. It's so emotional and raw and has one of the best songs in it - I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li.

I love Sam Claflin in pretty much everything that he's in so when I saw this on Netflix, I had to watch it. Love, Rosie is about two life long best friends who despite years of harbouring feelings for one another, continuously end up with the wrong people and never each other. Their stories are funny, charming and sincere and despite it being terribly cliche at points, like most rom-coms, it still had me rooting for them till the very end.

If you haven't heard of La La Land then where have you been? This is by far my favourite movie of 2016 and probably one of my favourite movies ever to be honest. I'm not particularly interested in musicals but La La Land is on another level, every song is incredible and adds to the story line in ways other musicals don't, if you know what I mean. Emma Stone is an aspiring actress who meets Ryan Gosling, a struggling jazz pianist in Los Angeles and they fall in love whilst pursuing their dreams. It's honestly such a great movie for so many reasons, but I don't wanna spoil it so please just watch it. You'll thank me, trust me.

And lastly, Me Before You, another Sam Claflin movie. I'd heard of the book way before this movie came out but never got around to reading it - however the movie impressed me enough to go out and buy the book afterwards and the ones that followed. Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin are amazing in this and it had me in tears from the moment I realised they were in love. Me Before You is about a girl from a small town who forms an unlikely bond with a recently paralysed man that she's taking care of. It's a breath taking love story that reminds you to live boldly and enjoy every minute. Another one for you hopeless romantics out there, although be prepared for the ending, that's all I'm saying! 

There we have it. I had to cut it short at 8 suggestions or I would have been here all night but these are my top recommendations for Valentine's Day. Let me know if you have any suggestions for me or if you've seen any of these, I'd love to hear your thoughts :)


Thursday, 8 February 2018

Dog Vs Baby: A Story Of Jealousy & Love

My little Japanese Chin Nobunaga has been our baby ever since we rescued him almost 2 years ago and having an actual human baby infiltrate his home has been challenging yet entertaining to say the least! Our pooch is the sweetest, weirdest, cuddliest little derp and doesn't have a mean bone in his body. The only time I've ever seen him get aggressive is with our neighbour's dog Spikey and that's only because they are both boys and Nobu has small dog syndrome so has to show Spikey whose boss. Despite this, he is a very shy little fella when around new people and can get quite scared and yappy so we were curious how he was going to handle having a new family member added to the mix - but he's done quite well so far, especially considering he was at home when the birth went down so he experienced the whole stressful ordeal. 

The first few weeks he wasn't too sure what was going on or who this imposter was that was now taking up all of his parent's time so he spent a lot of his time avoiding all contact with him and only cuddling up to me or Dane when the baby was asleep. But it wasn't long before he came to realise that Cass wasn't a threat and we have enough love in our hearts for both of them. Before we knew it, Nobu was actively approaching Cass during feeds and snuggling up to him as if he was one of us - it was such a lovely moment to watch, especially for a dog that doesn't really like children in general. He tends to cower and run from kids when we're out for walks and it's taken a fair while for him to get used to the children in our family, bless his little heart. 

Skipping ahead a few months and they're very quickly becoming best friends. The patience on this dog is unbelievable, I'm very impressed. Cass is always 'stroking' him and accidentally pulling on his ears and fur yet Nobu remains cool and collected and will literally just budge out of his reach instead of growling at him or nipping him, he's good like that. They love to sit next to each other and Cass is always fascinated by his big brother; following him around the room with his eyes and giggling whenever Nobu does his infamous chin spin in the living room. It's so damn cute! They also have this weird little kissy thing where Cass will position his head in a certain way so that Nobu can lick his ears and groom him, it really pulls on my heart strings. We don't let it happen regularly for obvious reasons, but every now and then we allow Nobu to show his love for his brother and it's really sweet.

It's only recently that we've begun to notice Nobu's jealousy arise. He's become very needy with us, particularly with Dane when he gets back from work - he won't leave him alone and hounds him until he gets enough hugs to satisfy him, as if I ignore him all day, the cheeky little bugger! He's also coming into the habit of barking and trying to play with us whenever Cass is having tummy time so he doesn't feel left out which is cute but annoying at the same time, haha. His jealousy isn't causing any problems at the moment, if anything it's actually quite a nice change for Nobu to crave our attention as before we had our son, he was quite a solitary pooch and only came to us for snuggles and love for 10 minutes and would then continue with his day. Now I can't even sit down for a cup of tea without him coming over and sitting on my lap, not that I'm complaining, I do love a good cuddle. He's also become quite cheeky lately and if we lay Cass down on the sofa and he starts to kick around, Nobu will have a little play with his foot, as you can see on Nobu's instagram if you check it out.

It's so easy to forget about your dog when you have a newborn baby as all your attention goes into keeping this little human alive and when you aren't with them, you're napping or doing chores around the house whilst you have the chance. But it's so incredibly important to ensure you put time aside each day to continue to show your beloved pooch that you haven't forgotten about them and they're still just as much a part of the family as the baby. I've never believed in getting rid of a pet when you have a baby and I would never dream of getting rid of Nobu so we're both doing our best throughout this crazy journey and although we may not have quite as much time for him as we used too before we became parents, we still make an effort to treat him whenever we can and he is still just as spoilt really, just in different ways. He's such an integral part of the family and can be a great anchor when the days get hard and you're feeling a bit down. Dogs definitely pick up on your moods and Nobu is no exception, providing us with those much needed snuggles and company when we need it the most. ♥♥♥

Do you have any pets that have changed since you've had a baby? Any advice on how to handle jealous pets? Let me know in the comments!


Saturday, 3 February 2018

February Goals

It's finally February and I'm relieved after what felt like the longest month in a long time. Nothing bad happened in January or anything, I just felt like it lingered around too long when there are far more exciting things coming up later on in the year. I don't normally do these monthly goals type of things but seeing as I'm constantly forgetting about my new years resolutions, I figured this is a good way to keep up to date and see how well...or not well...I'm doing :P So here are a few things I want to achieve this month. Whether or not I will, is another story, we'll all just have to wait and see!

Cut out unhealthy snacks

I wouldn't necessarily say I'm an unhealthy eater, but I'm definitely not as healthy as I should be. I'm your typical crisps and chocolate lover and despite my constant promises to myself that I'll give up, I never follow through. So this month I'm really gonna try in hopes that my body doesn't always feel so sluggish and hungry all the time. Cravings are the enemy.

Put more effort into wearing make up

 I'd say I wear make up maybe once or twice a week, if I'm lucky. There was a time when I'd rather die than venture outside without having a full face of make up on, but these days I either don't have the time or purely just can't be bothered. I'm hoping to get out of this slump and put more effort into doing my face; for myself, for Dane and because I've spent far too much money on make up for it to just sit there and not be used!

Stop impulse buying things for Cassius

This is the cause of almost all of my money issues...I'm an impulse buyer, especially when it comes to my son. If I see something cute - whether it's a toy, an outfit, accessory, whatever - I need it and will be getting my card out faster than the Flash. I rarely buy things for myself these days but Cassius without a doubt always has something new every time I have money and I seriously need to stop. He's not even 1 yet and he's so spoilt by the rest of the family. I desperately want to start putting the money that I'd usually spend on unnecessary things for him into my savings account so we can go and do more family things instead of filling the house up with belongings that he'll eventually grow out of.

Connect with more bloggers on social media 

I've been trying really hard these past few months to connect with other bloggers on twitter and instagram and it's been going really well so far, I've spoken to some lovely people and received a lot of overwhelming support. But as always, I want to do more and spread love and positivity to as many small time bloggers like me. We're all in this together and there's nothing better than feeling as though you're a part of a community online so I'm going to up my game and check out as many new blogs as I can in February.

Get back to reading more - or listening to Audible

Towards the end of 2017 I was smashing my reading goals - granted I was listening to books on Audible instead of physically reading them as I don't get much time to enjoy an actual book these days - but I was roughly getting through a book every 2 weeks. 2018 however, has not been as productive for me in this department, so I've decided to dedicate at least one of Cassius's nap times during the day to reading with no distractions to get back on track and enjoy some of my TBR list that is ever growing!

Take more walks with my dog

My poor little dog used to get such long and fun filled walks before I had my son but since forever having to put my baby first now, Nobu has been cut down to very short 'only when necessary' walks to the shop and back whenever we have the time and I feel so awful about it. Luckily he's very comfortable not going for walks every day as he's so small and expends a lot of energy playing with us indoors, though I'm eager to get back into a good routine where I get him out for at least an hour a day, for his benefit and my sanity. It's always good to get a little breather from parenthood and nothing feels better than getting fresh air with a happy AF prancing pooch at your feet, right?!

They aren't anything spectacular, just little things I want to work on in every day life, and I almost certainly won't manage them all but I'm definitely gonna try too :) What are some of your goals for the month?


Thursday, 1 February 2018

Unboxing | January Fairyloot ♡ Talk Faerie To Me

I missed the chance to write about the December Fairyloot box as I was absent from the blogging world during most of the month due to the busy lead up to Christmas, but I'm back and super excited about the January theme Talk Faerie To Me. I won't lie, before I read A Court Of Thorns and Roses, I hadn't really read anything faerie based besides Shadowhunters so I'm pretty lucky I read ACOTAR and TOG when I did, otherwise I probably wouldn't have known anything from this box. Fortunately though I do, and I love everything that was included, especially the stunning pillow case! 

If you haven't heard of FairyLoot, it is a UK based Young Adult Bookish Box that includes 4-6 hand selected goodies surrounding a monthly theme. All the items are sourced from small and big businesses around the world and are often exclusive to the box so you can't buy them anywhere else. The YA fantasy book that comes with the box is always a new release, sometimes you can even receive a book that isn't due out for a few months so you get the chance to read it before it hits the shelves, cool huh?

So let's get to it and see what was included ♡

I'm gonna start with my favourite item from the box - this stunning exclusive pillow case designed by Evie Bookish. With a famous quote from A Court of Wings and Ruin, I absolutely adore this and can't wait to go out and buy a pillow so I can display it on my bed! 

Next is another ACOTAR item which are these super adorable magnetic bookmarks of Feyre & Rhysand in their Illyrian fighting leathers by Dreamy & Co. I love the style of these and have been tempted to buy some for a while now but haven't committed so now I just might have to get some more to hang up on my shelves :) 

Then there's this Vegan Lip Balm by Geeky Clean which came in two versions; Seelie or Unseelie. As you can see, I received Unseelie. It smells like honey which is lovely so I'll be keeping this in my handbag for those much needed cold days when your lips need a boost. 

I really wasn't expecting something like this to come in a Fairyloot box but was pleasantly surprised when I saw this Exclusive Faerieland colouring book by Michael O'Mara. It features a wide variety of mythical creatures to colour with a small paragraph of information on the species which is so cool. I can't wait to spend some time winding down and colouring this. 

The prints included in this month's box are double sided so you can choose which sides you want to display which I love. I really like both sides of them so it's gonna be hard to decide, I think I'll have to swap them over after a little while so I can have them all on show at some point! One side includes these gorgeous text illustrations designed by Stella Bookish Art of quotes from other popular books that include faeries.

The other side has this beautiful artwork of Aelin and Rowan from the Throne of Glass series by Diana Worak. My lighting doesn't really do them justice here but they're so well done, I love them. I unfortunately did damage the Aelin one a tiny bit whilst taking pictures but will straighten it out when I put it up.

The two items that are related to the featured book from this month are the exclusive Prince Cardan candle by Meraki Candles & the Prince Cardan artwork by Merwild. The candle smells gorgeous and having some artwork of one of the characters from the book has made me even more excited to dive into the world. 

Last but not least is the book of the month which is The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. I've heard rave things about this book on Instagram so am very interested to give it a read as it seems quite similar to ACOTAR which I adore. It came with a signed bookplate and a letter from the author which tends to come with the featured books in Fairyloot and the cover is absolutely stunning. 

This month's theme has got to be my favourite one so far and I'm now eagerly looking forward to the February 'Twisted Tales' and March 'Memorable Moments' boxes. I've only been subscribed to Fairyloot since November but they've not disappointed so far and I can't recommend them enough for any of you book fans out there. It's a great way to keep up with the most recent Young Adult releases and you receive some gorgeous items that you wouldn't be able to get anywhere else. 

What do you think of Fairyloot? Do you subscribe to any other bookish boxes? 

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