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Unboxing | January Fairyloot ♡ Talk Faerie To Me

I missed the chance to write about the December Fairyloot box as I was absent from the blogging world during most of the month due to the busy lead up to Christmas, but I'm back and super excited about the January theme Talk Faerie To Me. I won't lie, before I read A Court Of Thorns and Roses, I hadn't really read anything faerie based besides Shadowhunters so I'm pretty lucky I read ACOTAR and TOG when I did, otherwise I probably wouldn't have known anything from this box. Fortunately though I do, and I love everything that was included, especially the stunning pillow case! 

If you haven't heard of FairyLoot, it is a UK based Young Adult Bookish Box that includes 4-6 hand selected goodies surrounding a monthly theme. All the items are sourced from small and big businesses around the world and are often exclusive to the box so you can't buy them anywhere else. The YA fantasy book that comes with the box is always a new release, sometimes you can even receive a book that isn't due out for a few months so you get the chance to read it before it hits the shelves, cool huh?

So let's get to it and see what was included ♡

I'm gonna start with my favourite item from the box - this stunning exclusive pillow case designed by Evie Bookish. With a famous quote from A Court of Wings and Ruin, I absolutely adore this and can't wait to go out and buy a pillow so I can display it on my bed! 

Next is another ACOTAR item which are these super adorable magnetic bookmarks of Feyre & Rhysand in their Illyrian fighting leathers by Dreamy & Co. I love the style of these and have been tempted to buy some for a while now but haven't committed so now I just might have to get some more to hang up on my shelves :) 

Then there's this Vegan Lip Balm by Geeky Clean which came in two versions; Seelie or Unseelie. As you can see, I received Unseelie. It smells like honey which is lovely so I'll be keeping this in my handbag for those much needed cold days when your lips need a boost. 

I really wasn't expecting something like this to come in a Fairyloot box but was pleasantly surprised when I saw this Exclusive Faerieland colouring book by Michael O'Mara. It features a wide variety of mythical creatures to colour with a small paragraph of information on the species which is so cool. I can't wait to spend some time winding down and colouring this. 

The prints included in this month's box are double sided so you can choose which sides you want to display which I love. I really like both sides of them so it's gonna be hard to decide, I think I'll have to swap them over after a little while so I can have them all on show at some point! One side includes these gorgeous text illustrations designed by Stella Bookish Art of quotes from other popular books that include faeries.

The other side has this beautiful artwork of Aelin and Rowan from the Throne of Glass series by Diana Worak. My lighting doesn't really do them justice here but they're so well done, I love them. I unfortunately did damage the Aelin one a tiny bit whilst taking pictures but will straighten it out when I put it up.

The two items that are related to the featured book from this month are the exclusive Prince Cardan candle by Meraki Candles & the Prince Cardan artwork by Merwild. The candle smells gorgeous and having some artwork of one of the characters from the book has made me even more excited to dive into the world. 

Last but not least is the book of the month which is The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. I've heard rave things about this book on Instagram so am very interested to give it a read as it seems quite similar to ACOTAR which I adore. It came with a signed bookplate and a letter from the author which tends to come with the featured books in Fairyloot and the cover is absolutely stunning. 

This month's theme has got to be my favourite one so far and I'm now eagerly looking forward to the February 'Twisted Tales' and March 'Memorable Moments' boxes. I've only been subscribed to Fairyloot since November but they've not disappointed so far and I can't recommend them enough for any of you book fans out there. It's a great way to keep up with the most recent Young Adult releases and you receive some gorgeous items that you wouldn't be able to get anywhere else. 

What do you think of Fairyloot? Do you subscribe to any other bookish boxes? 



  1. I’m an avid reader so this appeals to me from a books point of view, although it isn’t the genre I would usually read. I too have heard great things about The Cruel Prince , I hope you enjoy it!
    As for the Fairyloot box it looks fantastic and you get so many things inside it seems like great value for money. Thanks for sharing this post I really enjoyed reading it.

    Melanie |

    1. It's a shame they don't have similar types of boxes for different genres really, as YA fiction isn't for everyone! I'm hoping The Cruel Prince lives up to it's reputation, am starting it tonight :)
      I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for commenting!

  2. Everything about this box looks so magical. I love this genre of anything. I like mythical and enchanting things. The lip balm is super cute and the posters are gorgeous! I think the coloring book is actually a wonderful surprise and is quite lovely. I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy that book too. I’m glad you got the chance to share this! ❤️��

    xx Lena |

    1. Right?! It's the most exciting box to receive every month ❤️
      I'm really looking forward to colouring in the book, I'll be sure to share some of the images inside soon as they're just gorgeous.
      Thanks for the comment, Lena xo

  3. What an absolutely amazing pick of products! I am in love with all things Fairies and magical beings. The amount you got is fantastic and the prints are stunning, being double sided would make the choice difficult as both side look equally as beautiful.

    Jordanne //


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