Tuesday, 27 March 2018

My Favourite Youtubers

I was never very active on Youtube until the last year or two; it was just my go to place for music, nothing more...but thank god I indulged in my recommendations one day and listened to some of my friends who kept telling me to check out certain youtubers and now I'm addicted! You can literally find ANYTHING on youtube and having so many different interests and a baby to entertain, it's such a great app for me to browse when I want something for baby Cass to watch or need some advice or a make up tutorial. It's easy, convenient and lots of fun so I wanted to do a post on my top 5 youtubers that I can't get enough of :) 

My favourite mummy blogger! Anna is such an inspiring woman with the most beautiful family and since falling pregnant I've been obsessed with keeping up to date with her, Jonathan and their babies. They are real, honest and fun to watch on screen and some of her advice helped get me through postpartum without going crazy so she's been a great help as well as entertaining me with their daily shenanigans.

My friend Colleen actually recommended I check out Belle as she's hugely into make-up and I was forever asking her how she learnt to do it so I finally did and I've never looked back. Belle's make up skills are beyond stunning, I can only dream of perfecting mine like that some day and she's funny and beautiful to look at so what's not to love? I'll admit I've never been able to pull off any of her tutorials yet - I either don't have the time or don't have the patience to attempt them - but one day I will try! Her tattoos are incredible too, she's just alt girl goals in so many ways.

Victoria is a well known beauty and fashion blogger/youtuber and honestly, she's probably my favourite person to watch, ever. She's worked her ass off to live this luxurious lifestyle doing what she loves most and she's a real inspiration. Not only does she give honest reviews on the latest make up and show us her favourite fashion picks, but she documents her gorgeous travel experiences and talks about real life and how to deal with every day struggles which is so admirable. Nobody's life is perfect but hers looks pretty damn close!

I've not long been watching Kate but I instantly fell in love when I saw the wide variety of content she produces. From what I know so far, she started off as a beauty vlogger before having her baby boys and now she posts everything from beauty, fashion, life hacks, baby tips and more and she's just so lovely to watch. Her two boys are adorable and her home looks so beautiful, she's quickly become a favourite of mine and I'm really enjoying following her life updates.
I'm so late to the party with finding Kathleen as I've only been watching her for about 3 months now but she is so hilariously honest and refreshing and I love her weirdness. She's not your typical beauty guru, she's always brutally open with her issues and doesn't feel the need to appear perfect all the time which is so cool, I'm super jealous. She's also one of the easiest people I've come across to follow her tutorials, if that makes sense, so she's my current go-to and I'm forever checking her reviews on products before I buy them. 

I have quite a few other Youtubers that I follow religiously but these are my ride-or-dies.
 I'm thinking of writing up a post on my favourite bloggers for next month, what do you guys think?
Let me know who your favourite youtubers are too! ♡


  1. Great post! I’ve been thinking of doing a similar post as well. I absolutely love Anna Saccone and Kate Murnane! Some of my favourites are definitely Emily Norris, Dina Tokio, Momma Alia and Haus of Color to name a few x

    Soffy // themumaffairs.blogspot.com

  2. Great post Jessica! I’m always looking for new YouTubers to follow. I’ve heard of Victoria from In The Frow but didn’t know much about her. I’m definitely going to check her out now, I’d love to watch her travel vids. At the moment I’ve been enjoying Louise Pentlands channel. Thanks for your recommendations 😘 xx

    Bexa | www.hellobexa.com

  3. I feel like I was the same way. YouTube was my best friend for 6th form and like uni but for work stuff, ted talks and workout vids. I only really got into watching you tubers in ye past 3 / 2 years tbh. It started off with me liking from from blogs and then I watched their tutorials and before I knew it I really appreciated their work and fun vids. I really like Belle & Victoria so I’m glad they’re on your list and you’re right Kathleen is totes funny. I hope you find more to watch. 😘😘

    xx Lena | https://lenadeexo.com


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