Saturday, 28 April 2018

5 Pieces Of Advice For My Teenage Self

Your teenage years always feel like the most dramatic during the growing up process as it's when you really begin to learn things about yourself and decide who you wanna be and what you wanna do with your life. With that comes a lot of stress and responsibility that, at the time, seemed like it was the end of the world. Now that I'm nearing on 25 and I'm an entirely different person, it's interesting to look back at my younger self and laugh at all the times I genuinely thought my life was over because of something menial that happened.
So here are 5 pieces of advice for my teenage self that would have made life that little bit easier had I known that life goes on outside of school!

Monday, 23 April 2018

[*] bakerdays Letterbox Cake Review

Cake has always been one of my guilty pleasure foods, I could literally eat it all day until the nausea starts to kick in and I regret my life when bakerdays offered me the chance to review one of their letterbox cakes, I squealed and spent the following few hours scrolling through their extensive range of designs only to settle for one from a classic movie that I love. It's not my birthday until November or anyone I know for a while yet so the design wasn't directly aimed at anyone but I just couldn't help myself. I mean, it's Princess Leia, come on. Who doesn't want that badass babe on a cake? They have SO many designs to choose from for all occasions as well as the option to personalize your own cake by adding your own photos and a special message. How cool is that? In theory I probably could have gone a bit more out there and tried out the personalisation but my inner geek got too excited at Star Wars, don't judge me! :P

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Never Would I Ever: Mum Edition

As an expectant parent, there are always a bunch of things you swear you won't ever do whilst your child is growing up, only for them to undoubtedly happen whether you like it or not. Being 9 and a half months in, I've already broken several of my golden rules since becoming a mum and have pretty much given up with the rest of them as alas, you can't control everything! So I thought as a returning post after 3 weeks off from blogging thanks to not having a laptop and my boyfriend being stingy with his computer, I'd start with a little game - just like Never Have I Ever, if you're a mumma bear then get your drink on if you've done any of these, no matter how against your own will it may have been! Don't worry, no judgement here, just a bit of shameless fun ;)

Sunday, 1 April 2018

[*] Venosure Changing Mat Review

In the months leading up to my son's birth I was frantically trying to find the perfect changing mat that would last and keep him safely entertained during changes. Me being me went for a relatively cheap 101 Dalmatians one from Amazon as it's always been my favorite Disney movie and looked adorable; little did I know that it would be falling apart merely 9 months in...the material unfortunately was just too cheap and when Cass fiddled around the older he got, the bottom of it ripped open and has been getting worse and worse ever since. Putting off browsing for a new one, I was pretty much going to live with it, until Venosure came to the rescue and sent me this gorgeous design to review for them.
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