Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Never Would I Ever: Mum Edition

As an expectant parent, there are always a bunch of things you swear you won't ever do whilst your child is growing up, only for them to undoubtedly happen whether you like it or not. Being 9 and a half months in, I've already broken several of my golden rules since becoming a mum and have pretty much given up with the rest of them as alas, you can't control everything! So I thought as a returning post after 3 weeks off from blogging thanks to not having a laptop and my boyfriend being stingy with his computer, I'd start with a little game - just like Never Have I Ever, if you're a mumma bear then get your drink on if you've done any of these, no matter how against your own will it may have been! Don't worry, no judgement here, just a bit of shameless fun ;)

Sniff my baby's bum in public 

Pick my baby's nose 

Swear in front of my baby

Let my baby pull on the dog's fur when the dog refuses to move (I warned you, Nobu)

Use my hands/sleeve to clean sick/snot from my baby's face

Put my baby in front of the TV/phone to keep him busy for a while

Let my baby eat snacks instead of real food for a day to keep him from ruining my life

Breastfeed/pump in front of family members other than my partner

Spend an obscene amount of money on a toy he doesn't need

Cry and/or scream along with my baby when I don't know what he wants

Find myself singing the theme tune to Timmy Time spontaneously

Put my baby to bed early on the nights that I desperately need a glass (or bottle) of wine

Forget my baby's birthday momentarily (don't judge me, I'm like a goldfish)

Compare my baby's progress to other babies

Hug my baby against his will because he's so damn cute

Call my mum to change his nappy when it's just too gross to deal with

There are countless other things I'm sure will be added to this list as my time as a mummy goes on but I'm reluctantly, yet hilariously, coming around to the fact that you really can't control everything; babies surprise you, your maternal instincts surprise you and your ability to deal with gross bodily fluids definitely surprise you! 

Are you a mum and have any funny things you swore you'd not do before you had a child?
 Let me know in the comments so we can giggle about it together :)


  1. Amen to all of this! There are so many things we say we won’t do but end up doing unknowingly as it’s only natural! Great post! And welcome back! Missed your posts!

    1. Thank you, it's good to be back now I have a laptop again :)


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