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[*] Venosure Changing Mat Review

In the months leading up to my son's birth I was frantically trying to find the perfect changing mat that would last and keep him safely entertained during changes. Me being me went for a relatively cheap 101 Dalmatians one from Amazon as it's always been my favorite Disney movie and looked adorable; little did I know that it would be falling apart merely 9 months in...the material unfortunately was just too cheap and when Cass fiddled around the older he got, the bottom of it ripped open and has been getting worse and worse ever since. Putting off browsing for a new one, I was pretty much going to live with it, until Venosure came to the rescue and sent me this gorgeous design to review for them.

Venosure is a British brand founded in 2014 making a range of contemporary baby changing mats, nursery items and maternity accessories. Their products are made in the UK, and feature fun, contemporary designs. There were so many cute designs to choose from but when I saw this, I knew I had to get it. It's perfect for a little boy and always puts a smile on my face when I get it out, the quote is just so precious. A few of my other favorites from their collection are the The Snuggle Is Real design and the Rawr Dinosaur design!

One of the first things I liked about this changing mat was the material. It immediately felt sturdier and softer than our previous mat and I'm hoping it'll be more durable for my little man as he's quite the wriggler when he's being changed. It's a non-allergenic wipe clean PVC surface with soft foam padding to ensure maximum comfort. It's a great size at 70cm x 45cm and is so light and easy to store away, we're loving it, as our other mat was quite flimsy and bent all sorts of ways when stored away. Unfortunately my Cassius' room is too small to have a changing table in so we tend to just store the mat in the corner of the room with all his nappies, wipes and creams so it's easily accessible when needed.

I've noticed that since using this mat, Cass is a lot more at ease when being changed and doesn't try to roll off it and pull away as much as he used too so that says a lot about the padded support. Babies spend a huge chunk of their time on a changing mat so comfort was a big must for us. He's always captivated by the design and tries to touch the stars and moon so I think it's safe to say he likes the design as much as I do! 

I don't change Cass in his cot but he refused to have pictures taken anywhere else so here we are :P 

When it comes to keeping it clean, thanks to its PVC material it's super easy and you can just wipe it down with anti-bacterial wipes and voila, germs are banished. Having been using this for just over a week now, I can firmly say I am impressed so far and will definitely be recommending Venosure to all my mummy friends. At just £14.99, they are a great affordable addition to your baby's changing set up and offer a variety of stylish products for mother and baby from maternity through to nursery.

To buy this particular design, click I Love You To The Moon And Back, otherwise check out their other products at! Their range is also available on Ebay and Amazon.

*This product was sent to me complimentary from Venosure for review purposes. 
All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.


  1. Now that is definitely a cute design, fit for both boys and girls! Good choice! Before having Little A I use to wonder why would I spend more than a fiver on something where I’m going to be changing dirty nappies but I really understand now. I got one for £15 and it’s cut from the bottom and I’m still wondering how on earth! Trying to make it last as long as possible but if need be will give venosure a chance :) thanks for sharing xx

    Soffy //

  2. Omg look at this little bundles of joyyyyy! Ahh such a cute post. Babies always make me so happy tehe. I think these are some super awesome pics and such a cute changing mat! I think that's a pretty good price (not like I'm that familiar not being a mom and all lol) but baby Cass looks totally happy <3

    xx Lena |


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