Saturday, 29 December 2018

Cassius 18 Month Update

Holy crap, my son is 18 months old. I'm gonna need a minute or twelve to let that sink in. This year has FLOWN and I can't believe how much Cassius has grown over the months. I mean, duh, I knew he was gonna grow up - but this quickly?! I understand now why parents always say to make the most of the baby stage because it really really doesn't last long and before you know it, you'll have an unstoppable toddler on your hands. I've wanted to do 6 monthly updates on him ever since I started my blog but I haven't managed to, but better late than never, right? ;) So if you wanna know what's been going on in the life of Cassius, grab yourself a cuppa and some biccys and keep's gonna be a long one!

Where to start? He's come such a long way this year and is developing into such a loving yet cheeky little boy and it's been nothing but giggles the whole time. Being four weeks premature, we didn't expect him to 'keep up' with other children his age but turns out, he's smashed it and you wouldn't even know he was a preemie so we're super proud!

Walking was his main achievement this year. He literally went from crawling for about 2 weeks to pulling himself up and walking before we even blinked, and now he never stops. He runs, climbs, jumps all over the place like a kangaroo, you name it. It's taken him a few months to master climbing up onto the sofa and stairs without tumbling and bumping his head but he's persistent if nothing else and is learning how to do it in record time now. His little face always lights up when nanny and grandad come to take him out on long walks as he gets to roam free in nature which he adores now.

Teeth wise, I'm not gonna lie, I don't know exactly how many he currently has as anytime I try to look, he bites me or runs away...haha. But he has at least 10! He's handled teething like a boss and we haven't struggled much, apart from maybe this last week, so we're lucky really. I was expecting him to be a nightmare but he's a tough little cookie. He's grown a crazy amount too, he fits into 12-18 month clothes now which is perfect and has such a chubby little belly that I absolutely love.

My favourite thing that we've discovered about him so far is his undying love for dogs. Having our own dog Nobu, we knew he was going to have to get used to them, but we didn't expect him to love them nearly as much as he does! Small dogs, big dogs, dogs that avoid him, dogs that knock him over - he will always without a doubt follow them around and try to stroke and kiss them which is the sweetest damn thing. Of course we always keep an eye on him around them but he's nothing but an angel with animals so far.

 Another thing I love is how he actively comes over to kiss us now. If you say 'eskimo kiss' he'll come over and rub his nose against yours and when he's feeling particularly affectionate, mainly first thing in the morning and right before bed, he'll walk over and stroke your face before leaning in for a kiss or two. I die. He's such a loving little boy and it's always adorable when he shows us affection with hugs and kisses. As a needy person in general, I couldn't really ask for more ;)

Talking has been an interesting ride so far. He doesn't say sentences or anything just yet but he says words like hi, ta, wow, bye, mama, daddy, nanny, and a whole range of weird noises that make me laugh endlessly. He nods, shakes his head no, copies the dog when he barks, claps his hands, waves goodbye and understands so much more than I imagined he would at this age which is super fun.

He's also pleasantly surprised me with his eating habits. I'm a terribly picky eater - I won't eat any kind of fish/sea food, barely any veg and nothing controversial that will feel weird in my mouth - it winds my family up to no end. But luckily Cassius hasn't inherited his appetite from me and loves pretty much everything I hate. Tuna is a solid fave of his as are cauliflower cheese, bananas, marmite toast and blueberries. I swear if he could eat all day every day, he would! 

Now the one negative thing I can think of that he's developed this year is his absolute lack of listening to me when I tell him not to do something. I know it's his age and there's not much that can be done until he grows to understand no better but my god it's frustrating when he throws the worlds biggest temper tantrums when I take him away from plug sockets, anything electrical really, hot drinks and plates with food on that aren't his. He hates being told off and will scream as if you've ruined his entire existence for 5 seconds until he sees something else that interests him and moves on. Oh the joys of toddlerhood.

As far as I can think, that's all the big milestones and changes that have happened during 2018! I'm sure I'll remember more later but hey, he's always growing and changing, it's hard to keep up :P I'm going to try and stick to doing an update on him every 6 months so if you're not bored of us by then, tune in at the end of June when he hits the big TWO and find out what shenanigans he's up too then!


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  1. Oh he's such a little cutie! That smile is to die for. It's great that he is learning and growing so much, especially as a premature baby. I can't wait for the next update!

    Abi |


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