Monday, 30 December 2019

A Cosy Christmas With Cass

I'm always amazed at how quickly Christmas comes and goes now that I have my son and despite the build up throughout December, it still feels a little rushed and I don't get to do everything I wanted to do. Like how every year I say I'm going to finally go up to Winter Wonderland in London or go to a fancy Christmas market like all the other bloggers do, but do I? Pfffft. Maybe next year, I'll have to add it to my new year's resolutions, haha! However, this year was lovely in other ways as it's the first year that Cassius actually half understood that it's a special time of year and with all the fun festive activities the nursery did, he was excited by the time the day came. So I thought I'd write about the 1st Christmas that really meant anything to him and give you all a little update on him at the same time since he's 2 and a half now and loads has changed since his 18 month update! ❤ 

I was quite late to getting into the Christmas spirit this year, despite putting up all the decorations a few days before the 1st (don't even judge me, I wanted to make the house feel cosy whilst I was unwell :P) so we didn't actually begin doing anything festive until the second week of December. We met up with our cousins and went to our local community center to meet Santa and his elves, decorate cupcakes and play games with the other kids but surprise surprise, my little bear had a meltdown and was stuck on my hip the entire time which was a shame! Although of course he cheered up when Santa gave him a selection box and he got to munch on some chocolate whilst I attempted to take some cute pictures of him in front of their gorgeous tree (see the first pic). Typical boys! The terrible twos are really kicking in at the moment, he's either in a really good mood when we go out or a really bad one, there's no in between. Help!?!

Then the nursery had a bunch of cute activities for the kids like going out on the minibus to see the Christmas lights in another town yet once again, my Grinch of a son decided to throw a huuuuuuge tantrum right as they were leaving and I was called in to pick him up after he cried so hard he puked, so he missed out - however in his defense, poor Cass did spend almost all of November going from virus to virus and was basically quarantined away from the public for 3 weeks at was genuinely the worst month of our lives, no exaggeration! - so I couldn't blame him for taking a little while to adjust back to normal, bless him. Luckily he was back to his usual chatty and cheeky self for the toddler disco and Christmas jumper day which he was buzzing for and he came home with some adorable arts and crafty bits like this pretty snowman themed bauble of his hand print that is definitely going on my tree every year. ^^ I'm honestly so impressed with how far he's come with nursery. He only joined in September yet has learned so much in that time; his speech is getting closer to being actual sentences every day, he can sing nursery rhymes on his own, count up to 10, ask for things and say thank you really nicely, etc. I'm so proud of him and so grateful for the group of girls that take care of him there.
Christmas Eve came around before I even had time to blink and for once I had finished all of my present shopping which I was super proud of myself for seeing as I'm not known for being particularly organised :P I had to work until 2pm so little bear spent the morning with my mum until I got home where we all sat down for our annual The Grinch viewing in our cosy festive pajamas and ate a bunch of chocolate and biscuits. I also finally put together a Christmas Eve box for him for the first time but me being the dopey fail of a blogger that I am, forgot to take any photos of it...woops! I filled it with Peppa Pig pjs for the night, some books, a sticker activity pad that he proceeded to spend all of that night sticking to my forehead and shoulders because he thought it was funny, a special plate and sippy cup, some little gingerbread man glow sticks for the hell of it, a Santa gingerbread man teddy and some chocolate treats. Just a little something to get him excited for the actual day!

And then bam, it was Christmas Day. I won't bore you any longer with a walk through of what we did as this post will be a million years long, but it was really nice to spend time eating and chilling with Dane's family as we do every year and it really felt like the first year that Cassius was interested and excited for all the festivities. He was spoiled rotten with presents and love from everyone and you know he enjoyed himself because he flat out refused to eat anything other than chocolate for the whole of Christmas day and Boxing day which was not great but what can you do? :'D I took round Downton Abbey Cluedo which none of us had played before since all their usual board games were packed away in the loft and that was a good giggle and we finished the night watching the Gavin and Stacey special that we had recorded from earlier that evening which was pleasantly fulfilling - that cliffhanger though, right?!

All in all it was a very cosy little Christmas and I'm happy that Cassius finally had an inkling of what was going on around him so we absolutely cant wait for next year when he'll be 3 and a half and hopefully he'll truly know that its Christmas :) I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas whether you celebrate it or not and we wish you all a happy new year, from my little family to yours. ♡



  1. I can sense that you had one crazy, busy Christmas, just like we did. I love how you shared your son’s experience with it. It was the first year our son really understood what Christmas was all about and he was super excited. This means, Christmas WAS RUSHED because everything revolved around dealing with an excited kid. Sometimes its the little things like spending time together that really count in the end. Not getting to everything on the list.


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